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Welcome to the new Saskatchewan Black Powder Association website.

The S B P A was created to start a special hunting season for those who wanted to hunt with more traditional muzzle loading rifles. After successfully lobbying the provincial Government, the muzzle loading seasons for deer, both whitetail and mule deer, moose, and elk that we enjoy today were created. Since then the S B P A has gone on to become the umbrella organization for all kinds of black powder sports across the province. There are shooting ranges and clubs dedicated to shooting black powder as well as smokeless rifles and pistols of all kinds. At these ranges you'll find traditional side hammer muzzle loaders in the old Kentucky style, Hawkins , in-lines, Sharps cartridge rifles, Winchester High walls, antique military rifles including Sniders, and Springfields. The people you'll find shooting these antiques and reproductions are among the most knowledgeable shooting enthusiasts you'll find anywhere.

More About Us


  • To provide a common voice for all Black Powder Shooters in the Province.
  • To encourage development of the old skills and trades related to Black Powder.
  • To co-ordinate activities of the Black Powder Shooters in the Province.


  • The S B P A has membership on the Saskatchewan Wildlife Advisory Committee. This committee meets semi-annually to discuss wildlife management issues and concerns and to aid the Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management (SERM) to develop sustainable wildlife management practice.
  • The S B P A has a Trophy System for members who are fortunate to bag the largest species of game (big game and birds) huntable within the boundaries of Saskatchewan.
  • There is also a "Hunter of the Year" trophy based on a point system (details in Hunting header).
  • There is also a 50 yard Off-Hand Muzzle Loading Trophy. Participants are invited to send in their 2 best 50 yard off-hand muzzle loading rifle targets shot at the club sanctioned shoots ( Beechy, Rosetown, Saskatoon).

Events and Shoots

The S B P A holds one regular meeting at SMLC Annual Shoot, schedules events, and announces shooting events. See our Events page for new updates. Information can be sent through contact under membership header.


Mike Puckett        Saskatoon             Sept 1, 2016– Aug 31, 2019

Elmer Woytiuk      North Battleford    Sept 1, 2016 – Aug 31, 2019

Merv Harach        Saskatoon             Sept 1, 2016 – Aug 31, 2019

Larry Huber          Southy                  Sept 1, 2017 – Aug 31, 2020

Rex Newkirk         Saskatoon            Sept 1, 2017 – Aug 31, 2020

Arlene Ryan          Saskatoon           Sept 1, 2017 – Aug 31, 2020

Greg Moyer          Martensville          Sept 1, 2018 – Aug 31, 2021

Sam Brailean        Regina                 Sept 1, 2018 – Aug 31, 2021

Kim Puckett          Saskatoon            Sept 1, 2018 – Aug 31, 2021

2021 - 2022 Executive and Committee Members

President                                   Trent Untereiner

Vice President                           Murray Stachura

Sectretary                                  Mike Puckett

Treasurer                                   Dell Bayne

Wildlife Advisory Com                Rob Schultz

CWD Rep                                  Cuyler Onclin

Promotion Coordinator              Rob Schultz & Trent Untereiner

Firearm Safety Rep                   Al Ens

Newsletter Editor                       Sandi Lougheed

Fund Raiser Rep                       Merv Harach

Prov. Shoot Committee             Trent Unterreiner, Sandi Lougheed, Jake Peters